Features & Elements

Features & Elements

We can also create bilingual sites, several elements can be included in your website:

  • Scrolling animations are usually used to draw attention to particular elements and pieces of information, in the order we intended to highlight. Using animates scrolling effects is great way to tell story through website’s design an create delightful memorable experiences for your user.
  • Blog and communication format are essential for a good SEO qualification.
  • Display of information: Information displayed with accordion or carousel.
  • Galleries: images or videos from your YouTube® channel.
  • Social windows and buttons: Twitter share button, Facebook like button with counter, Instagram gallery.
  • Google Map
  • Carousel of photographs, tabs, sliders, counters, animated numbers. countdown and more.

All the features and elements that make your site stand out.

Carousel & Countdown

Accordion & Animated number & Flip banner

Accordion title 1
Display your information with accordion style.
Accordion title 2
Accordion title 3
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