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Improve your internal linking

Internal linking is very important because each of these links signal to search engines that your content is important. They also pass on their own link authority. Furthermore, a better internal linking improves your site's user experience


Include your keywords to the image file names

Images on your website should always contain descriptive file names, optimized for keywords. Not only it will help to give your website better positioning, but it will also include it in automated images search services as Yahoo Images, increasing the visibility of your web.

Do you update your website with quality content?

High quality content is the kind of content that not only captures the attention of your visitors, but engages them and makes them want to recommend and share it. Publish it on your blog, which is one of the main places where you can really engage with potential clients, send a message and differentiate yourself by providing users with high quality content that is relevant to them.


Optimize your Home Page for Search Engines

Keywords play a pivotal role in SEO. Basically, these are the terms people type into the search engines when looking for products or services online. In order for your site to rank well in search results pages, you need to choose the right keywords. Also, it's important to use them strategically within your pages, posts, meta data, and title tags. High rankings for specific keywords will lead to increased traffic and sales.

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